458 Install Day

Last week, a customer of ours bought a 2012 Ferrari 458 Italia. While the car was being prepped at the dealership, we were asked to come down and install some carbon fiber pieces to the already existing factory carbon that was in the car. The entire install took about half the day and we ended up needing to come back the next day for a few minor adjustments to make sure everything was just how it should be.


We amplified the cars engine bay, added our new headlight switch surroundcenter console, door sills, and changed out the door handles.


As you can see, the engine bay of the Ferrari 458 is fairly simple. Removing all the metal and plastic surround was pretty simple – except one part: the Fuel Pump covers. The OEM covers use an insulation that needs to be reused. Now these are hot glued in and can be a little hard to remove. Once everything is off, the 458 engine looks pretty cool. You really can get a look at what masterpiece Ferrari is putting into their super cars.


The side engine bay covers and the rear panel slide in perfectly. We ended up taking these in and out to find out the best possible way to make them fit. We realized that the carbon pieces have a weather stripping already on them. We found that it would actually look better if you removed the weather stripping on the side of the panels and then reapplied the OEM weather stripping off the original panels. This gave a true OEM look and fitment.


Once everything fit correctly, it was time to install the fuel pump covers. There are two bolts that hold these in and swapping them out is as easy as one, two, three!



After the pump covers, rear panel, and side panels are installed, it was time for the engine lock and air box. For aesthetic purposes, we transferred over the emblem from the original air box over to the new carbon one. A simple process using a heat gun and one of our install tools, we pried it off, removed and reapplied new adhesive and stuck it on there.


Once the engine bay was complete, it was time to take a picture =)


Now it was time to move towards the interior. The headlight switch surround took about 45 minutes to install. We started out by removing the lower driver side panel, disconnected the switches, replaced the unit and then put everything back in. You can find the install guide to the headlight switch here.



Once everything was installed and ready to go, we got a glimpse of the dealership putting in all the cars they had on the lot. We spotted a large array of beautiful Ferraris including a few 430 Scuderias and even a brand new 488!

DSC_0210 DSC_0202

A little more restoration for a poor GTR wing…

We had a customer give us a call a few weeks ago asking if we could fix his Nissan GTR wing. The customer had bought the wing used from somewhere. When he brought down the wing, as you can see in the photos, the carbon had some scratches, chips, and quite a bit of blemish in the clear coat.

It was time for us to give this wing the MAcarbon treatment. Once again, we removed the old finish and re-sprayed it, followed by a color sand and polish to make it better than new. Now this wing shines as if it came off the showroom floor!

The MAcarbon Quality

At MAcarbon, we make parts that we are proud of and pride making a quality product that looks as good or better than OEM.

That final 10%: The thing that makes us stand out from the rest, is our attention to detail…that final 10%. We use the best carbon fiber available at any price and lay it down with as little distortion as possible. We always match the OEM carbon patterns and we pay close attention to the direction of the carbon pattern, the finish and overall look of the part. After several layers of clear and sanding we always do a final ‘color sand’ making the parts smooth and free of any ‘orange peel’.


Lamborghini Gallardo Air Vents (Second set ever) and Map Light



We make parts that stand the test of time and never look aftermarket. In late 2005, We made this set of vents and map light. The vents are actually the second set we had ever made for a Gallardo (the weave is in the wrong direction, because we made these before Lamborghini offered carbon for the Gallardo). Even though these parts have been installed and used for some time, they are still in perfect condition.

Our products are made to last – with quality second to none, and nothing motivates us more than a happy customer.

Diablo 6.0 Blue Carbon


For the last 10 years, we have been asked if we could do carbon pieces for the Diablo 6.0.  We could, but the problem was that the 6.0 used a unique to Lamborghini twill carbon with a blue Kevlar thread.   Since we had no way to match that, we had to inform the customer that the pieces wouldn’t match.  Recently, a customer put us in touch with a company that had had a roll made to match the mythical blue carbon.  They were gracious enough to sell us part of the roll. So we now have the Lamborghini Diablo 6.0 Blue Carbon Trim Available! We have already done the first car and are working on a second project now.  This weave is truly unique. With it, you can now upgrade many of the plastic parts in the 6.0 to carbon.



Contact us for pricing and information!

Modifying an SLS

Yesterday, a long time customer of ours came by the shop with his beautiful SLS to get some carbon added. The car had a perfect blend of red and black leather along with OEM carbon and silver trim. After years of selling and manufacturing carbon parts for this car, this was the first time an SLS had rolled into our shop. The craftsmanship of the car was really nice. It was really interesting to see how the car was designed. The way the engine sat towards the back of the engine bay really caught our attention.SONY DSC

Our customer was interested in some carbon vents, mirror shells, and some carbon shift paddles. Once he dropped off his car, we began to work on it. This gave us a great opportunity to create a several install guides (Coming Soon!). We  discovered that the mirror shells are not as easy to replace as some say it may be, but a trick to it was to remove the glass mirror first! The W204 mirror shells and SLS mirror shells are almost identical, but removing them is not. Everything had to be done extremely carefully because you would not want to replace that $800 glass mirror.


Before Install

Mirror Shell

Carbon Mirror Shell Installed


Once we finished the exterior, we moved to the interior. We swapped the silver vents with carbon ones to compliment the carbon trim throughout the rest of the vehicle.  Our customer told us that he wanted something unique in order to stand out amongst his supercar friends. We had a special set of red carbon shift paddles just for him. Once we set in the new carbon wheel center and red carbon paddles, we added the carbon extensions. We let everything sit in for a couple moments. The red and black carbon totally compliments the rest of the car’s color. Even though it may seem minor, you can see that the detail truly adds to the elegance of the car.



Special Red Carbon Paddles / Carbon Shift Paddle Extensions / Carbon Wheel Center

Carbon Vents

Carbon Vents


Carbon Vents

Carbon Vents

Special Red Carbon Paddles / Carbon Shift Paddle Extentions / Carbon Wheel Center

Interior Install Complete!


Meet the MAcarbon Staff

At MAcarbon, we are all car guys. Beautiful cars get our attention, and cars that perform well gain our respect. Our backgrounds, experience, and our interests are different, but the fundamentals are all the same. In on our off time, we are building race cars, restoring old classics, going to car shows and races, and scouring craigslist in the middle of the night. When we get a new project to work on, we can’t wait to see the end result because we know it will look wonderful.

MAcarbon Staff

MAcarbon  Headquarters Staff – (left to right) Jacob, John, Lane, Jose, & Evan

Not Pictured:

Director of  Molded Products  – André Pouliot

Special Advisor Laminated Products – Georges Tonet

Director of Upholstery – Roland Mignolet

Director Laminated Production – Jonathan Tonet

Director European Operations – Caroline Tonet

Web Systems Manager – Muhammad Farooqi

Lamborghini Diablo SE30 Console Restoration


Lamborghini has always been an icon in the automotive industry. Ever since Ferruccio decided that he no longer wanted to make tractors, he had created a legendary brand. He decided to get into making cars as a result of frustrations he had with a Ferrari he had purchased which ultimately resulted in him being insulted by Enzo Ferrari, the founder of the famed Ferrari brand car company.

In June 1985, Automobili Lamborghini decided it was time to start thinking about a replacement for their legendary Countach; it would take the Lamborghini development team another five years to complete the new super car, the Diablo. Of all the Lamborghinis ever built, a case can be made that the Diablo holds a unique place in the heart of the company and its fans.

A customer gave us a call and said he had bought himself a SE30 Diablo and asked if we could help him out. Now the SE30 Diablo is not just a Diablo. The Diablo SE30 was introduced in 1994 as a limited-production special model to commemorate the company’s 30th anniversary. The car was designed largely as a street-legal race vehicle that was lighter and more powerful than the standard Diablo. There were only 150 made worldwide. This was one of the first cars where manufacturers began using exposed carbon pieces  so you can imagine after 20 or so years, the quality and finish deteriorated.



We received the center console from the Diablo (pictured above). The finish had already largely flaked off and the customer had picked off what he could. We sanded the console down to get rid of any remaining finish. The delicate work was around the switch recesses. Once all the old finish had been removed, we then sprayed it with clear. Unlike most carbon pieces that have a gloss or matte finish, this one needed a satin finish. With satin parts, you cannot sand or polish after you have applied the clear. This carbon console is now ready to be reinstalled and showcased.






All I want for Christmas …

991gt3 (1 of 1)-6

Santa … We’ve been good!


This lil’ toy is on the top of our Christmas list!


The SEMA show

Ferrari 458 race car

The SEMA show this year was bigger than ever. An event that we always look forward to, this week long gear-heads dream was a real success. MAcarbon shared our booth this year with T&B Carbon Manufacturing, our European sister company. T&B came all the way from Belgium to debut a new product line, ‘Pearl White Carbon’. This product has a white carbon weave with a subtle pearlescent coating.

Ferrari 458 Italia

McLaren MP4-12C

Lamborghini Aventador



Whats your favorite? McLaren or Lamborghini?

We like ‘em both. Pick your favorite color.

Our friends from Wheel Boutique had the beautiful  white McLaren MP4-12C parked at the HRE booth. They have great taste as it sports a MAcarbon steering wheel.

While there are always Mustangs and Camaros at SEMA, this year the hot car was the Scion FRS. From mild to wild, this is the car to ‘tune’ this year! But…. don;t hold your breadth for the MAcarbon FRS product line. The cars are always great, but, we also welcome old friends and new ones alike. 

One of Lane’s favorites, the old-school Toyota Corrolla


Porsche …. the 911 lives!

Our boys at GMG Racing did this R8 right! 

one tricked out C63 AMG Benz!

Our crew from both sides of the pond! (from left to right)

Director of Laminated Production, Jonathon Tonet and his fiance Laura 

President, John Borchelt (T&B and MAcarbon)

Director of Sales & Operations, Lane Skelton

Missing from the photo is Andre Pouliot and  Caroline Tonet. Andre is our Director of Molded Production and Caroline is the Director of our European Operations. Despite their ‘slogging’ it at the booth for many hours, we were so busy all week we only remebered to take a picture when they were both off duty.

We look forward working with the many new clients that we met at SEMA this coming year.

Macarbon makes the sale!

We had a call the other day from a gentleman who had just purchased a 911 Turbo S that has many of our products already installed. He had been specifically looking for a modified Turbo. The car he bought, a 2012 997 Turbo S fit the bill as the previous owner had GMG Racing install its World Challenge Sport upgrades on the vehicle.  What really cinched the deal though was the MAcarbon interior in the car. The list of our parts installed is quite long. These included the carbon fiber dash strip, door spears, mirror triangles, outer door sills and finally the center console. On the outside, this Turbo sports our front vent ‘smile’ along with inlet vents on each side  The white paint really accentuates the beauty of the carbon fiber. We did have to disappoint the caller when we informed him that in fact the car had had quite a few more of our parts installed but the previous owner had transferred them to the GT2 that replaced this car!

This fact was pretty much why the new owner was calling. He was looking to add more carbon pieces. We’ve recommended our PDK surround and inner door sills as a start. Once those are installed, he may add a PDK shift knob. A key feature of  Macarbon parts is that you can add them at your own pace without worrying if they will match each other. This customer will be adding parts nine months after the original owner did without any difference in color or finish.

MAcarbon products are made to the highest standards for the true sports car enthusiasts. We use only top quality materials to create parts that will continue to provide you with pleasure when most other companies parts have turned green, clouded or cracked. With carbon fiber, you really get what you pay for.

Click on the photos to see them at full size.