Monterey Car Week through the eyes of MAcarbon

MAcarbon had an extremely busy, but good Monterey Car Week this year. We had booths at 5 events this year and attended a few others. We started the “week” off by attending the Pre-Reunion races at Mazda Raceway at Laguna Seca. This is an awesome event and it’s very low key. There aren’t any crowds, the cars are amazing and it’s only $25. If you don’t want to pay you can watch the races from the “Cork Screw” for free.



The next event was ‘Concours on the Avenue’ in Carmel-by-the-Sea. This is a free concours event on the main drag of Carmel and most importantly…it’s free. There is always a very eclectic group of cars here and it is a must see.


Friday was the ‘Werks Reunion’ Porsche Club of America show and we had a tent displaying our carbon parts. This show is a must for all you Porschephiles, and the coral is probably more impressive than the show itself.


A couple of us left ‘Werks Reunion’ and headed over to Monterey for the inaugural ‘Exotics on Canary Row’. This was the first year for this show, but you would never know it by the amount of people and cars in attendance. We had our booth set up overlooking the picturesque Monterey Bay, and we brought along two of our customer’s cars (Ferrari 360 Spider and Audi R8 V10 Coupe). Next to us was one of 3 or 4 McLaren P1’s. Also in attendance were a few Porsche 918’s, a couple Ferrari F50’s, a Pagani Huayra, a few Ferrari La Ferrari’s and a Mercedes CLK GTR…just to name a few. This is sure to become one of the more popular events during ‘Monterey Car Week’ in the years to come.



On Saturday evening we had our parts on display at the ‘Serata Italiana’, held by our friends at the Lamborghini Club America. This was our 6th year sponsoring this event and it’s always a blast. Our table of parts was in set up in a beautiful court yard full of stunning Lamborghini’s including the prototype ‘Asterion’ hybrid and the new Aventador SV Roadster.

When most of the events in Monterey were winding down, the Ferrari Club of America national meet was just getting started. On Sunday evening we had a booth at the Hyatt in Carmel for the national meet and had a great time talking to our old and new customers.
Monday was the Ferrari Club Concours, where we had a tent displaying our products. This was a really nice event with a great mix of Ferraris new and old.


It was a tiring week, but it was a blast and we can’t wait for next year.  Click on the photos below to see the entire gallery!


Modifying an SLS

Yesterday, a long time customer of ours came by the shop with his beautiful SLS to get some carbon added. The car had a perfect blend of red and black leather along with OEM carbon and silver trim. After years of selling and manufacturing carbon parts for this car, this was the first time an SLS had rolled into our shop. The craftsmanship of the car was really nice. It was really interesting to see how the car was designed. The way the engine sat towards the back of the engine bay really caught our attention.SONY DSC

Our customer was interested in some carbon vents, mirror shells, and some carbon shift paddles. Once he dropped off his car, we began to work on it. This gave us a great opportunity to create a several install guides (Coming Soon!). We  discovered that the mirror shells are not as easy to replace as some say it may be, but a trick to it was to remove the glass mirror first! The W204 mirror shells and SLS mirror shells are almost identical, but removing them is not. Everything had to be done extremely carefully because you would not want to replace that $800 glass mirror.


Before Install

Mirror Shell

Carbon Mirror Shell Installed


Once we finished the exterior, we moved to the interior. We swapped the silver vents with carbon ones to compliment the carbon trim throughout the rest of the vehicle.  Our customer told us that he wanted something unique in order to stand out amongst his supercar friends. We had a special set of red carbon shift paddles just for him. Once we set in the new carbon wheel center and red carbon paddles, we added the carbon extensions. We let everything sit in for a couple moments. The red and black carbon totally compliments the rest of the car’s color. Even though it may seem minor, you can see that the detail truly adds to the elegance of the car.



Special Red Carbon Paddles / Carbon Shift Paddle Extensions / Carbon Wheel Center

Carbon Vents

Carbon Vents


Carbon Vents

Carbon Vents

Special Red Carbon Paddles / Carbon Shift Paddle Extentions / Carbon Wheel Center

Interior Install Complete!


Kind words from Kuwait







Kind words are always welcome here at MAcarbon. Below you can read what Yousef Fittiani has to say about us, Thanks Yousef!

Above you see his Carrera GT (and a friend’s custom Mirage) along with his early 997 GT2 done up in Team DHL colors. Yousef is definately a certified Porschephile!

“The KING of Carbon …. With a dear friend of mine who is President/Owner of MAcarbon, Mr. John Borchelt during his visit to Kuwait several years ago.  The best source for customized high-quality Carbon Fiber accessories. Most of my Carbon Fiber parts, for all of my Porsches has been sourced by MAcarbon. Quality and artistic work beyond mere words”

                                                                         -Yousef Fittiani

                                                                   founding member and Vice President of the Porsche Club Kuwait

Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night

Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers  from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.

Our friend Damon surely identifies with this famous quote. When your trusty steed is a Ten-cylinder Gallardo and your ’rounds’ are a snowy mountain pass, what could go wrong?

Who needs a Quattro when your Lambo is All Wheel Drive!!

We have yet to figure out where Damon packs his pair of skis though!

Damon’s Facebook Page is full of people who use their exotics.

Daily Driven Exotic Cars

To keep a grip on his Bull in the sleet and snow, Damon came to us. Normally we recommend using the later Gallardo wheel, but Damon has a soft spot for the original equipment early wheel. He requested a thicker rim wrapped in suede, along with a suede hub. He chose our custom yellow stitching to match his interior.

A nice touch is the Texilium Twill Carbon Twelve O’clock ring, again in yellow.  So, Damon …. Have fun playing in the snow!!

Sometimes you need a bigger hammer!

ACG’s C63: Carbon Overload!

Sometimes you need a bigger hammer!  AMG put together a great car with their first generation C63, but, when you are a tuner firm in San Diego that just doesn’t nail it. So, when Automotive Connoisseur Group (ACG) decided to build up a C63 AMG they went all-in.


The crew at ACG added a Weistec Stage2+ supercharger/intercooler package along with the same firms billet rods and forged pistons.  Nearly every single component in the fuel system was upgraded along with the exhaust. That combination develops over 700 horsepower rendering the rear tires useless!  After quite a bit of metal-shaping, foot wide 20’s were installed on the rear allowing all those ponies to finally hook up.

This car oozes carbon fiber, from its front air dam lip to the tip of its rear spoiler. One nice touch is the exposed carbon stripe on the sides of the hood!  The carbon treatment extends into the cockpit too. ACG called us up and literally ordered one of everything.  Our steering wheel and shifter paddles were added to our dash package and then a full complement of door trim to finishes this one off.

Images are courtesy of European Car Magazine …. They did an excellent write-up of this car in their November 2012 isssue.

Off to Miami (flew south for the winter)





Last week MAcarbon made a trip to Miami to install a Ferrari 458 dashboard installation. This wicked black Italia is owned by former Indycar and current sports car driver, Jamie Camara.

Jaime had been waiting for a 2013 but this late model 2012 popped up with delivery miles at Formula 1 Sports Cars. It was perfect: black exterior, black interior with red deviated stitching, OEM carbon fiber steering wheel and center console.

The only problem, as nice as that is, was the lack of a carbon fiber dash. The contrast of the CF and the silver dash was jarring. Formula One Pilot (and long time MAcarbon customer) Tony Kannan referred Jaime to us.

We would like to give a special thanks to TK for letting us use his shop for the install. Jaime liked the results so much he ordered a set of door handles to remove the final bit of silver from the interior!



















Macarbon makes the sale!

We had a call the other day from a gentleman who had just purchased a 911 Turbo S that has many of our products already installed. He had been specifically looking for a modified Turbo. The car he bought, a 2012 997 Turbo S fit the bill as the previous owner had GMG Racing install its World Challenge Sport upgrades on the vehicle.  What really cinched the deal though was the MAcarbon interior in the car. The list of our parts installed is quite long. These included the carbon fiber dash strip, door spears, mirror triangles, outer door sills and finally the center console. On the outside, this Turbo sports our front vent ‘smile’ along with inlet vents on each side  The white paint really accentuates the beauty of the carbon fiber. We did have to disappoint the caller when we informed him that in fact the car had had quite a few more of our parts installed but the previous owner had transferred them to the GT2 that replaced this car!

This fact was pretty much why the new owner was calling. He was looking to add more carbon pieces. We’ve recommended our PDK surround and inner door sills as a start. Once those are installed, he may add a PDK shift knob. A key feature of  Macarbon parts is that you can add them at your own pace without worrying if they will match each other. This customer will be adding parts nine months after the original owner did without any difference in color or finish.

MAcarbon products are made to the highest standards for the true sports car enthusiasts. We use only top quality materials to create parts that will continue to provide you with pleasure when most other companies parts have turned green, clouded or cracked. With carbon fiber, you really get what you pay for.

Click on the photos to see them at full size.

Audi Q7 Carbon Interior

One of our favorite customers asked us to make a carbon interior for her Q7. She wanted to replace all of the silver trim in her car with carbon in order to match the way she said her Q7 “hauled ass”. We put together a seven piece kit for her and we think the results speak for themselves. She was certainly happy. And we were so hapy with it that, we will soon have the Q7 as a normal product offering. There are a few different versions of the Q7 interior so pricing will vary depending on what the customer has. Contact MAcarbon if you are interested in pre-ordering.

Audi Q7 Dashboard and console

MAcarbon Dashboard and console for the Audi Q7

MAcarbon Front door trim for the Audi Q7

MAcarbon Front door trim for the Audi Q7

MAcarbon Center Console for the Audi Q7

MAcarbon Center Console for the Audi Q7

Mercedes G55 Carbon Interior

MAcarbon Mercedes G55 Steering Wheel

MAcarbon Mercedes G55 Steering Wheel

The G55 is Mercedes’ serious off-road vehicle. It is also one of their most luxurious. As such, they did not offer a carbon interior for the car. MAcarbon was asked by Progressive Autosports of Houston Texas ( to help one of their customers who wanted a carbon interior in their new 2010 G55. Due to the high cost of parts from Mercedes, the customer’s parts were sent to us. Within the quick 3 week turnaround time, all wood pieces were changed over to carbon. This includes the steering wheel, center console, upper console and radio surround, shift knob, passenger grab handle and seat switch surrounds. If you have a Mercedes G55 and would like a quote on your interior, please contact MAcarbon for a quote.

MAcarbon Mercedes G55 Center Console

MAcarbon Mercedes G55 Center Console

MAcarbon Mercedes G55 Upper Console

MAcarbon Mercedes G55 Upper Console

ItzKirb’s Cayenne Gets some CF

The famous (on the internet) photographer ItzKirb ( brought his new Cayenne Turbo over to MAcarbon to get the boring wood interior replaced with carbon. (Unfortunatly, he didn’t bring any of his ItzGirls!) We did the doors, dash strip and center console. Kirby decided to do the grab handles as well. The overall feel of the interior changed dramatically to the aggresive style more apporpriate to a Turbo. More photos to follow.
For any Cayenne owners think of moving to carbon, the car is real easy to work on. MAcarbon’s John Borchelt was able to do the complete install in about an hour and a half. We will have more install guides covering the parts we installed available soon.

Cayenne Dash Trim

Center Console