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MAcarbon avoids the Paparazzi at CES show in Las Vegas, debuts custom Segway and Monster headphones


MAcarbon was approached by Monster Cable about 6 weeks ago to customize a Segway for the CEO and “Head Monster” Noel Lee.  We were also asked to customize a set of their Beats by Dr. Dre headphones in time for the CES show in Las Vegas.  CES is an annual show which is hosted by the CEA, the Consumer Electronics Association.  This show is a place for every Electronics company to premiere their newest products coming to the Market.  Companies Like Sony, Samsung, Microsoft, and Monster have amazing booths with all of their products on display.



We took the challenge and after 6 weeks of work and finishing the build in our hotel room at 4am the first day of the show we were done and giddy with the end result.  We also designed the headphones to match and they turned out great.  We started out with an appliance like Segway and turned it into what we think is the coolest Segway ever.


This “Monster 16M Segway by MAcarbon” features:

-Standard carbon handlebars

-Standard carbon lower shaft

-Standard carbon base

-Red carbon fenders with Italian stripes and Monster logos

-Red and green carbon collars with white leather center section

-Black powdercoated upper shaft

-Red Alcantara grips

-Ferrari 16M style alloy wheels

-Custom base pad


The “MAcarbon Edition” prototype Beats by Dr. Dre headphones feature:

 -red carbon ear cups

-red carbon outside circles/battery cover

-black carbon exterior ear section with Monster Cable logo in Italian colors and “MAcarbon Edition” script in silver

-black piano head band with “Ferrari”

The Monster Cable booth kicked off the show with the biggest attraction at CES.  The “Head Monster” rode The MAcarbon Segway onto stage with Lady Gaga and Dr. Dre announcing the new Red headphones by Monster to support the fight to eliminate AIDS in Africa.  The MAcarbon headphones were a huge success as well and were given as a gift from The “Head Monster” to the CEO of Best Buy.  We are currently working on a production version of MAcarbon Beats headphones and a Lamborghini styled MAcarbon Segway for the “Head Monster”

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