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Forged Carbon



  Lamborghini has started to add a new type of carbon fiber to their line of supercars. The Huracan, Aventador SV, and the new Asterion have forged carbon trim all over. The “forging” process transforms randomly chopped up bits of carbon fibers and, under very high pressure forms them into shapes that unlike woven carbon fiber are equally strong in all directions. This new material’s first use outside of the Sesto Elemento was in the Aventador Roadster’s roof, and now it’s part of an optional package that puts the new material on display in the engine bay of the new Huracan. In an interview with Road & Track, Lamorghini’s head of design, Filippo Perini, explained the benefits of this carbon. “This is carbon fiber that is random – we call this forged carbon fiber, it’s a material that is pretty new. The fibers are random. It is structural, and aesthetic. The first time we used this material was in the Sesto Elemento concept car, and we discovered a lot of potential of this material. And now we’re starting to introduce it in production.”

Being carbon fiber experts, we thought we would give this process a try. We developed forged carbon paddle shifters for the Huracan. We attended the Serata Italiana Awards Dinner Gala on in Monterey, CA this past weekend where we got to see Lamborghini’s forged carbon first hand on their new Asterion. As you can see from the pictures, we have successfully matched it! All of our molded products can now be done in this forged carbon to match the rest of the forged carbon parts Lamborghini provides.

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