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MAcarbon ‘Integrated Nicoles’ Extended Shift Paddles For McLarens

NEW! MAcarbon ‘Integrated Nicoles’  Extended Shift Paddles For McLarens


Application: Every McLaren since 2011 (12C, 650, 670, 570, etc.)




Since the McLaren MP4-12C burst on to the scene in 2011, we have been offering our extended shift paddles ‘Nicoles’ for it and all of the McLarens since.


The ‘Nicoles’ have been a great seller for us and everyone that has purchased them has loved them. They offer an extended area for shifting (we know you don’t drive with your hands at 9 and 3 o’clock all the time), they look cool, and they are super

We really like the way our standard ‘Nicoles’ look and dig the contrast from the OEM paddle to the carbon extensions, but there have been customers and potential customers that want the “integrated” look of the MSO carbon paddles from McLaren.


For those customer’s that want the clean integrated look, we are now offering a solution. We take the factory paddles and graft our Extensions on, making one complete shift paddle unit that’s seamless and sexy.


Check out the ‘Integrated Nicoles’ on our website here: ‘integrated Nicoles’

Give us a call or email us with any questions about these or any of our other products:


easy to install by the customer.  Being easy to install is a key factor, since McLaren dealerships are few and far between.


The Standard ‘Nicoles’ Extended Paddles. Our stick-on style paddles.



‘Integrated Nicoles’ Extended Paddles




‘Integrated Nicoles’ Extended Paddles








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