$150,000 for a work of art

How much is perfection worth? There is nothing like the pure joy and satisfaction that comes to you when in the presence of an automotive object that is truly fine art. Once you are seated, it continues with the aroma of finely crafted leather. Then you cannot help but run your fingers across the smooth carbon fiber and finally your eyes focus on the intricate craftsmanship. You just have to ponder the elegant beauty and simplicity in its form and design all wrapped up in the proper red and black hue. Adorned with the famous prancing horse, one would expect nothing less than perfection!


Yes, the Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale at San Francisco Sports Cars is an amazing car. But what I am talking about is the MAcarbon steering wheel that it has! So beautiful that some say that it alone should be priced at $150K!  Those ‘some’ happen to be in the MAcarbon office, but still! This steering wheel was designed by the previous owner of the car to do just what we said above – match this 360CS perfectly. So buy the steering wheel for one hundred fifty large and our friends at San Francisco Sports Cars will throw in the Ferrari for free!

About the 360CS: This car evokes the days of G.T. racing when Lemans cars still had license plates. Perfect for a banzai run down Skyline Boulevard or taking a turn at your local road course. With Formula One derived paddle shifting, launch control and Carbon-Ceramic brakes you too will feel as dominant as Michael Schumaker.

The use of composites plays a significant role in the weight reduction of the 360CS. The bumpers and skirts use the RTM (resin transfer molding) process which was developed for the 360 Challenge track cars. This innovation with composites extends to the brakes as well with their carbon-ceramic rotors and pads. It doesn’t end there as carbon fiber is the material of choice for the seats, door panels, engine bay exhaust vents, outside mirrors and engine shrouding. In the name of lightness titanium wheel bolts and coil springs lower not only the unsprung weight but lap times as well.

In fact, when driven in anger around Ferrari’s test track, Fiorano, the Challenge Stradale was three and a half seconds quicker than a standard 360 Modena. On a racetrack when a half second is an eternity, three and a half is truly impressive. Patricio Moruzzi and his team of engineers outdid themselves with the CS.

        Each MAcarbon 360/360CS steering wheel is individually built to your unique specification. You select each element including leather type (smooth, perforated, suede), leather color, carbon or not, stitching type, stitching color, rim thickness, etc. Pricing depends on the options chosen.

We will create the custom wheel for you then send it to you. You have it installed and then send us back your old wheel. You may choose to keep your original wheel as well. (Contact MAcarbon if you wish to keep your original wheel.)

Looking for an exotic? See our friends at San Francisco Sports Cars … Already have an exotic in your stable? See us for a steering wheel upgrade. The image below represents our steering wheel Configurator

At www.MAcarbon.com  you can find our steering wheel Configurator to help you decide which wheel is right for you. Go ahead … play around with all the various colors and options before purchasing.

Ferrari 430 Door Handles

We installed our first set of Ferrari 430/360 carbon fiber door handles on this amazing 430. The customer is local and brought his car in for the installation. The car also has MAcarbon mirrors and engine bay vents. The handles made a nice compliment to the carbon mirrors.Imagine them on a 430 Scuderia or a 360 CS!

Installation of the handles takes about twenty minutes and can be done by the customer at home.