Porsche Rennsport Reunion (Mazda Raceway @ Laguna Seca)

I was able to drive down to Laguna Seca early yesterday morning in our Porsche 996 targa for Rennsport Reunion. There were amazing cars everywhere!   My favorite part of going to these events is looking at all the cars in the parking lots and being amongst all the other sports car lovers. I was as excited to see a beat up 924 turbo with a pasha interior as I was to see a 917 with 1100 HP.

Enjoy the pics!

MAcarbon Visits the Big Apple (Exotics Expose, 9/12/2010)

MAcarbon will be sponsoring the upcoming Exotics Expose-Supercar & Exotics Car Show on September 12th at Old Westbury Gardens in Wesbury, New York.
We will have a both set up and several cars in show will have MAcarbon parts. Detailing Dynamics is putting on this show with Exotics Rally and Detailing Dynamics will have a Ferrari 360 and Porsche 997 GT3 with complete MAcarbon interiors featured.
We look forward to seeing all of our present and future customers and enjoying what is guaranteed to be an incredible show.

New carbon wheels for the 2009+ Porsche 997

MAcarbon has done quite a few CF Sport steering wheels for the 997. For 2009, Porsche introduces a new wheel design on the Tip/PDK cars but kept the old style sport wheel. For 2010, the new wheel style was applied to the Sport wheel as well and this new wheel is now standard on the new GT3. MAcarbon is bringing our skills with carbon fiber and bespoke production to this new wheel design! The customer can choose various materials for the wheel rim including carbon fiber, alcantara and suede. Other options include rim thickness (for those who want something more beefy), a 12 o’clock rally stripe, stitching patterns and stitching colors. Each wheel is made to the customer’s design in around 3 weeks.

MAcarbonified 997 Turbo!

MAcarbon recently spiced up the interior of a beautiful GT Silver 997 Turbo. The car was already heavily modified by the guys at Sharkwerks and it has all the best goodies that are available on the market. To take the interior to another level, we added a ton of carbon parts to the car! We made the interior really pop by adding a carbon fiber center console, door trim pieces, dash trim, and air vents among other things. Now, the car can finally be complete…this is one of the hottest Turbos out there! Enjoy the pictures!

996/997 Rear Seat Plate – Latest Product

Today we installed our latest product. The rear seat tag for the Turbo, GT2, GT3 and GT3RS versions of the Porsche 996 and 997. These plates are normally a simple black metal plate with silver lettering. We replace the metal section with a CF panel. We then do the lettering in the color of the customer’s choice. This 996 Turbo customer wanted his lettering in a silver CF weave. We think it turned out nicely.
Turbo Rear Seat Plate
Upclose of Turbo Script

MAcarbon in January European Car

European Car January 2010
MAcarbon helped European Car with their 997 Turbo project car back in 2008. In the Janaury 2010 issue, EU summarizes all of the mods done to the car by Imagine Auto, our dealer in Kansas. EU gives us a nice little blurb along with a cool shot of our center console. What a monster that Turbo turned out to be!