Mercedes Benz New SL R231 carbon fiber interior upgrade


   This year marks the 60th anniversary of the Mercedes Benz SL. This year we also get a brand new SL, the R231 chassis. This chassis is composed almost entirely out of aluminum making it 300 pounds lighter, Super-Liecht indeed!

       Our premier dealer on the East coast,  Detailing Dynamics recently requested a carbon fiber interior upgrade their customer’s brand new AMG SL63. Begun as a simple detailing shop in 1994, Detailing Dynamics, has expanded to do performance and appearance modifications. They also offer line of cleansing and detailing products.

       Our interior upgrade for the Mercedes R231 includes seven carbon fiber pieces that replace the existing wood trim. It really gives the car the look an AMG should have! Installation takes about five hours.

Most Expensive Tool Set!

AMG Close UpSocket SetAMG Tool Kit MAcarbon sourced this AMG Snap-On limited edition tool set from Japan for a special customer. This tool set is only available in Japan and was limited to 200 sets. Due to the week United Stated Dollar and the cost of shipping, it ran about $2,200! Its a very nice tool set but…. If any AMG fanatic out there needs one, let us know!