Playing with Vinyl





A long time customer of ours sent in his 599 instrument cluster surround to get some carbon fiber. However,  he wanted something different – he wanted to add a little extra color to his carbon. We laminated the cluster top and retained the stock factory carbon bottom piece from Ferrari. The customer wanted pin stripes, however, John and the customer couldn’t come up with something satisfying for either side. After playing around with some designs, we were able to get something going. Our vinyl guy added a yellow stripe to the carbon. This time, however, we did not put the vinyl underneath the clear coat.   The reason we did this is because we wanted the customer to feel out if he likes the stripes. We didn’t want to do something permanent on something he was  not sure about. If he doesn’t like the stripes, he can always just peel the vinyl off with no damage to the carbon. If he does, then we can always paint and re-clear the piece.





A little more restoration for a poor GTR wing…

We had a customer give us a call a few weeks ago asking if we could fix his Nissan GTR wing. The customer had bought the wing used from somewhere. When he brought down the wing, as you can see in the photos, the carbon had some scratches, chips, and quite a bit of blemish in the clear coat.

It was time for us to give this wing the MAcarbon treatment. Once again, we removed the old finish and re-sprayed it, followed by a color sand and polish to make it better than new. Now this wing shines as if it came off the showroom floor!

The MAcarbon Quality

At MAcarbon, we make parts that we are proud of and pride making a quality product that looks as good or better than OEM.

That final 10%: The thing that makes us stand out from the rest, is our attention to detail…that final 10%. We use the best carbon fiber available at any price and lay it down with as little distortion as possible. We always match the OEM carbon patterns and we pay close attention to the direction of the carbon pattern, the finish and overall look of the part. After several layers of clear and sanding we always do a final ‘color sand’ making the parts smooth and free of any ‘orange peel’.


Lamborghini Gallardo Air Vents (Second set ever) and Map Light



We make parts that stand the test of time and never look aftermarket. In late 2005, We made this set of vents and map light. The vents are actually the second set we had ever made for a Gallardo (the weave is in the wrong direction, because we made these before Lamborghini offered carbon for the Gallardo). Even though these parts have been installed and used for some time, they are still in perfect condition.

Our products are made to last – with quality second to none, and nothing motivates us more than a happy customer.

Ferrari F50 OEM Carbon Fiber Shift Knob Restoration

Ferrari F50 OEM Carbon Shift Knob Restoration

A customer recently sent us this factory Ferrari F50 carbon fiber shift knob to see if we could rescue it and make it look like it should be fitted to a 1/2 million dollar Ferrari. We decided to take on the project, knowing that once we started, there was no turning back.

Before Pictures (you can see that the clear very cloudy and the finish has nicks and scratches all over the carbon and the stainless steel ring).



1. The First step was the daunting task of sanding off all of the original clear that had since turned cloudy to the point where you could hardly see the chrome cavallino on top. We had to destroy the original cavallino during the process, so we replaced it with a new one from Ferrari.

Sanding the old clear off to expose the raw carbon fiber

photo 2

2. This shift knob has a stainless steel ring sandwiched between the top and bottom layers of carbon and the top where the cavallino is placed is flat, so it had to be built up with resin first. After the top resin was poured around the horse, we shaped it into a sphere.

First layer of resin over the cavallino


First layer of resin sanded down to shape


3. We were left with the stainless steel ring being about 1.5mm higher than the rest of the shift knob, so we had to tape the ring and pour several layers of resin over the top then the bottom with several hours or drying time in-between coats.

layer of resin poured over the top half of the shift knob…only two more coats to go on top and three more on the bottom half.


4. When it all dried we sanded the whole knob,  including the stainless ring into shape then polished it to a perfect shine.

Final layer of resin rough sanded into shape on the top half


DONE!!! Polished to a perfect shine and ready for the Ferrari F50









Macarbon makes the sale!

We had a call the other day from a gentleman who had just purchased a 911 Turbo S that has many of our products already installed. He had been specifically looking for a modified Turbo. The car he bought, a 2012 997 Turbo S fit the bill as the previous owner had GMG Racing install its World Challenge Sport upgrades on the vehicle.  What really cinched the deal though was the MAcarbon interior in the car. The list of our parts installed is quite long. These included the carbon fiber dash strip, door spears, mirror triangles, outer door sills and finally the center console. On the outside, this Turbo sports our front vent ‘smile’ along with inlet vents on each side  The white paint really accentuates the beauty of the carbon fiber. We did have to disappoint the caller when we informed him that in fact the car had had quite a few more of our parts installed but the previous owner had transferred them to the GT2 that replaced this car!

This fact was pretty much why the new owner was calling. He was looking to add more carbon pieces. We’ve recommended our PDK surround and inner door sills as a start. Once those are installed, he may add a PDK shift knob. A key feature of  Macarbon parts is that you can add them at your own pace without worrying if they will match each other. This customer will be adding parts nine months after the original owner did without any difference in color or finish.

MAcarbon products are made to the highest standards for the true sports car enthusiasts. We use only top quality materials to create parts that will continue to provide you with pleasure when most other companies parts have turned green, clouded or cracked. With carbon fiber, you really get what you pay for.

Click on the photos to see them at full size.

New Cayenne Install Guides

Cayenne Grab Handles
With a recent Cayenne installation here at MAcarbon headquarters, we’ve added to our Cayenne install guides. As can be seen in the guides, a Cayenne interior can be installed by any owner who has a few basic tools. The new guides include the door trim set, dash trim set, and the console grab handles. You can always contact MAcarbon if you have questions on what is involved.

Click on these links to view the guides:

Center Console Grab Handles

Dash Trim

Door Trim

MAcarbon sponsors CarbonFiberGear

MAcarbon has entered into a sponsorship agreement with CarbonFiberGear (CFG) is a blog that covers the world of carbon fiber accessories.  Although they do not cover car parts in detail, many of our customers have mentioned the CFG site. We figured that if carbon enthusiasts were to be found anywhere, it would be at a blog covering carbon in detail.  We look forward to working with CFG.

MAcarbon’s New Blog!

We’ve finally joined the modern web world and created a blog.  Here we will be keeping the world updated on what is going on at MAcarbon in terms of new products, custom projects, marketing activities and even just random thoughts.  We encourage you to post and engage with us as much as possible.

Thank you for taking the time to check it out.


John Borchelt