New Cayenne Install Guides

Cayenne Grab Handles
With a recent Cayenne installation here at MAcarbon headquarters, we’ve added to our Cayenne install guides. As can be seen in the guides, a Cayenne interior can be installed by any owner who has a few basic tools. The new guides include the door trim set, dash trim set, and the console grab handles. You can always contact MAcarbon if you have questions on what is involved.

Click on these links to view the guides:

Center Console Grab Handles

Dash Trim

Door Trim

ItzKirb’s Cayenne Gets some CF

The famous (on the internet) photographer ItzKirb ( brought his new Cayenne Turbo over to MAcarbon to get the boring wood interior replaced with carbon. (Unfortunatly, he didn’t bring any of his ItzGirls!) We did the doors, dash strip and center console. Kirby decided to do the grab handles as well. The overall feel of the interior changed dramatically to the aggresive style more apporpriate to a Turbo. More photos to follow.
For any Cayenne owners think of moving to carbon, the car is real easy to work on. MAcarbon’s John Borchelt was able to do the complete install in about an hour and a half. We will have more install guides covering the parts we installed available soon.

Cayenne Dash Trim

Center Console