458 Install Day

Last week, a customer of ours bought a 2012 Ferrari 458 Italia. While the car was being prepped at the dealership, we were asked to come down and install some carbon fiber pieces to the already existing factory carbon that was in the car. The entire install took about half the day and we ended up needing to come back the next day for a few minor adjustments to make sure everything was just how it should be.


We amplified the cars engine bay, added our new headlight switch surroundcenter console, door sills, and changed out the door handles.


As you can see, the engine bay of the Ferrari 458 is fairly simple. Removing all the metal and plastic surround was pretty simple – except one part: the Fuel Pump covers. The OEM covers use an insulation that needs to be reused. Now these are hot glued in and can be a little hard to remove. Once everything is off, the 458 engine looks pretty cool. You really can get a look at what masterpiece Ferrari is putting into their super cars.


The side engine bay covers and the rear panel slide in perfectly. We ended up taking these in and out to find out the best possible way to make them fit. We realized that the carbon pieces have a weather stripping already on them. We found that it would actually look better if you removed the weather stripping on the side of the panels and then reapplied the OEM weather stripping off the original panels. This gave a true OEM look and fitment.


Once everything fit correctly, it was time to install the fuel pump covers. There are two bolts that hold these in and swapping them out is as easy as one, two, three!



After the pump covers, rear panel, and side panels are installed, it was time for the engine lock and air box. For aesthetic purposes, we transferred over the emblem from the original air box over to the new carbon one. A simple process using a heat gun and one of our install tools, we pried it off, removed and reapplied new adhesive and stuck it on there.


Once the engine bay was complete, it was time to take a picture =)


Now it was time to move towards the interior. The headlight switch surround took about 45 minutes to install. We started out by removing the lower driver side panel, disconnected the switches, replaced the unit and then put everything back in. You can find the install guide to the headlight switch here.



Once everything was installed and ready to go, we got a glimpse of the dealership putting in all the cars they had on the lot. We spotted a large array of beautiful Ferraris including a few 430 Scuderias and even a brand new 488!

DSC_0210 DSC_0202

Playing with Vinyl





A long time customer of ours sent in his 599 instrument cluster surround to get some carbon fiber. However,  he wanted something different – he wanted to add a little extra color to his carbon. We laminated the cluster top and retained the stock factory carbon bottom piece from Ferrari. The customer wanted pin stripes, however, John and the customer couldn’t come up with something satisfying for either side. After playing around with some designs, we were able to get something going. Our vinyl guy added a yellow stripe to the carbon. This time, however, we did not put the vinyl underneath the clear coat.   The reason we did this is because we wanted the customer to feel out if he likes the stripes. We didn’t want to do something permanent on something he was  not sure about. If he doesn’t like the stripes, he can always just peel the vinyl off with no damage to the carbon. If he does, then we can always paint and re-clear the piece.





Unveiling of the Ferrari 488 GTB


Ferrari Silicon Valley invited us to their unveiling party for the new Ferrari 488 GTB. Seeing in person really makes you appreciate every aspect of the car, and from everything we have heard from respected journalist like “Chris Harris”, it drives better than it looks. This latest iteration of Ferrari’s mid engine V8 is a beast with extremely big shoes to fill, as it replaces the much acclaimed and much loved 458 Italia, which has been claimed by some critics as the best sports car in the world. It follows old-school Ferrari nomenclature – 488 for the displacement (487.75cc) and GTB for Gran Turismo Berlinetta, which was first used on Ferrari’s first mid-engine V8 (the 308 GTB).

The rationale behind Ferrari’s new turbo V8s is only slightly different, rooted in an increasing green consciousness among elite buyers and government mandates to reduce CO2 emissions. Forced induction remains the best way to reduce displacement and continue the horsepower increases expected from a brand like Ferrari. While the engineers in Maranello  admit they’d probably prefer to pass on turbochargers, they also say the challenge has presented big opportunity. The result of their brilliance is astonishing. The 488’s 3.9-liter generates 670 hp at 8,000 rpm, and 560 lb-ft of torque at 3,000 rpm. That’s 107 more horsepower than the California T’s V8. More to the point, it’s 18 percent or 98 hp more than the larger 458 V8, with a dramatic 40 percent increase in torque (162 lb-ft). With 179 hp and 144 lb-ft per liter of displacement, the 488 GTB delivers the highest specific output of any road-going Ferrari to date.

The 488 GTB lives up to just about everything you’d want or expect, but the analysis comes down to a central question: Can a turbocharged engine deliver on expectations formed by the greatest of naturally aspirated V8s? The answer is yes, with a few ups and downs along the way. Overall, this car is amazing. Everything from the aerodynamics to the engine has been thoroughly planned and designed. The 488 blows the 458 out of the water in every way.

Once parts become available, MAcarbon will start providing parts for the 488 and make what is already a very special car, even better and more exclusive.

Now we did take some photos of this car, but there were so many people at the event that we couldn’t get a quality shot. The minute the red drapes where removed, the car disappeared within the crowd.


Click the link below to watch Chris Harris review the 488 GTB

Chris Harris and the 488 GTB


Ferrari F50 OEM Carbon Fiber Shift Knob Restoration

Ferrari F50 OEM Carbon Shift Knob Restoration

A customer recently sent us this factory Ferrari F50 carbon fiber shift knob to see if we could rescue it and make it look like it should be fitted to a 1/2 million dollar Ferrari. We decided to take on the project, knowing that once we started, there was no turning back.

Before Pictures (you can see that the clear very cloudy and the finish has nicks and scratches all over the carbon and the stainless steel ring).



1. The First step was the daunting task of sanding off all of the original clear that had since turned cloudy to the point where you could hardly see the chrome cavallino on top. We had to destroy the original cavallino during the process, so we replaced it with a new one from Ferrari.

Sanding the old clear off to expose the raw carbon fiber

photo 2

2. This shift knob has a stainless steel ring sandwiched between the top and bottom layers of carbon and the top where the cavallino is placed is flat, so it had to be built up with resin first. After the top resin was poured around the horse, we shaped it into a sphere.

First layer of resin over the cavallino


First layer of resin sanded down to shape


3. We were left with the stainless steel ring being about 1.5mm higher than the rest of the shift knob, so we had to tape the ring and pour several layers of resin over the top then the bottom with several hours or drying time in-between coats.

layer of resin poured over the top half of the shift knob…only two more coats to go on top and three more on the bottom half.


4. When it all dried we sanded the whole knob,  including the stainless ring into shape then polished it to a perfect shine.

Final layer of resin rough sanded into shape on the top half


DONE!!! Polished to a perfect shine and ready for the Ferrari F50









$150,000 for a work of art

How much is perfection worth? There is nothing like the pure joy and satisfaction that comes to you when in the presence of an automotive object that is truly fine art. Once you are seated, it continues with the aroma of finely crafted leather. Then you cannot help but run your fingers across the smooth carbon fiber and finally your eyes focus on the intricate craftsmanship. You just have to ponder the elegant beauty and simplicity in its form and design all wrapped up in the proper red and black hue. Adorned with the famous prancing horse, one would expect nothing less than perfection!


Yes, the Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale at San Francisco Sports Cars is an amazing car. But what I am talking about is the MAcarbon steering wheel that it has! So beautiful that some say that it alone should be priced at $150K!  Those ‘some’ happen to be in the MAcarbon office, but still! This steering wheel was designed by the previous owner of the car to do just what we said above – match this 360CS perfectly. So buy the steering wheel for one hundred fifty large and our friends at San Francisco Sports Cars will throw in the Ferrari for free!

About the 360CS: This car evokes the days of G.T. racing when Lemans cars still had license plates. Perfect for a banzai run down Skyline Boulevard or taking a turn at your local road course. With Formula One derived paddle shifting, launch control and Carbon-Ceramic brakes you too will feel as dominant as Michael Schumaker.

The use of composites plays a significant role in the weight reduction of the 360CS. The bumpers and skirts use the RTM (resin transfer molding) process which was developed for the 360 Challenge track cars. This innovation with composites extends to the brakes as well with their carbon-ceramic rotors and pads. It doesn’t end there as carbon fiber is the material of choice for the seats, door panels, engine bay exhaust vents, outside mirrors and engine shrouding. In the name of lightness titanium wheel bolts and coil springs lower not only the unsprung weight but lap times as well.

In fact, when driven in anger around Ferrari’s test track, Fiorano, the Challenge Stradale was three and a half seconds quicker than a standard 360 Modena. On a racetrack when a half second is an eternity, three and a half is truly impressive. Patricio Moruzzi and his team of engineers outdid themselves with the CS.

        Each MAcarbon 360/360CS steering wheel is individually built to your unique specification. You select each element including leather type (smooth, perforated, suede), leather color, carbon or not, stitching type, stitching color, rim thickness, etc. Pricing depends on the options chosen.

We will create the custom wheel for you then send it to you. You have it installed and then send us back your old wheel. You may choose to keep your original wheel as well. (Contact MAcarbon if you wish to keep your original wheel.)

Looking for an exotic? See our friends at San Francisco Sports Cars … Already have an exotic in your stable? See us for a steering wheel upgrade. The image below represents our steering wheel Configurator

At www.MAcarbon.com  you can find our steering wheel Configurator to help you decide which wheel is right for you. Go ahead … play around with all the various colors and options before purchasing.

MAcarbon visits Abu Dhabi

John left San Francisco on a Thursday afternoon for a weekend trip to Abu Dhabi, in the United Arab Emirates,  to install some of our latest carbon fiber parts into not one but two beautiful Ferrari 458 Italias.  After a long 16 hour flight, he arrived!  Our gracious host, Mohammed Al Sayegh, President of ALSA Automotive Engineering (http://www.alsa.cc/) , took John out to an excellent dinner and made family introductions for a warm welcome to the city.  John then headed back to his hotel (at 2 am!) for a “solid” night’s sleep before the work really started…

On Saturday John headed over to ALSA Automotive Engineering to begin work on the first car, the red Ferrari.  John and the ALSA team made great progress, finishing work on the interior and exterior door handles, mirror triangles, passenger grab handle and also removing the OEM center console.  The doors were done first as we had not installed the exterior mirror triangles before.  Best to tackle the unknown early in an install then wait till time is short.  Saturday night our generous host treated John to a tour of the Yas Marina F1 circuit, and they ate at the spectacular Yas Marina 5-Star Hotel.  John even got a ride in Mohammed’s Mercedes SLR McLaren!

Sunday morning it was back to work toiling away on the red 458…until the black one rolled in!  Since this one was only getting carbon fiber for the center console and doors, John took a break from the red Ferrari to complete work on the black one, finishing in time for its owner to drive it back to Dubai that afternoon.  Back on the red Ferrari, by Sunday night the new carbon fiber center console was installed and the OEM dash was completely removed from the car.

On Monday, John finished up by installing the carbon dash and the door sills. A final night out with our host and his friends was a great finale to the trip.  Only 3 hours of sleep Monday night assured that much of Tuesday’s 16 hour return flight to San Francisco was spent snoozing!

Hope you all enjoy the pictures.

Parts all laid out in the shop prior to leaving:

View from the hotel:

The twins:

The DIFFERENCE…you know you want it!

Center consoles assembled and ready to install:

Another angle:

Black 458′s interior, console installed:

Want to see what’s behind a Ferrari 458 dash?  A whole lot of wiring…

In progress…

Red 458 interior, dash parts installed:

Red 458, mirror triangles and door handles installed:


In progress:


New Wheel Configurator Version Live!

MAcarbon’s Wheel Configurator enables you to create the perfect custom steering wheel for your exotic or luxury car. Our latest version of the Configurator is now live! We’ve taken our old configuration and streamlined it, adding some new features based on feedback we’ve received from customers.

  • A “Start Order Process” button has been added. This makes it easier for the customer to initiate the order. Before, the customer was left wondering what to do once they had finalized their design. Now, the order process can be initialized right from the Configurator.
  • We’ve added the ability to display photos of each wheel option. This gives you the ability to preview live photos of many stitching, ring, and material patterns. The rightmost column has icons that activate if there are available pictures.
  • We’ve consolidated all our help options into one location at the top right of the screen. This section includes separate buttons for Chat, General Help, and the Wheel Program FAQ.
  • The FAQ answers common questions (duh!) about the wheel program directly form the Configurator. These include things such as
  • Will a Ferrari 360 wheel fit my 355?
  • Will a later model Lamborghini Gallardo wheel fit my earlier model Lamborghini?
  • What is a hub?
  • etc.
  • Thread and ring galleries showing examples of many options have been linked into the Configurator. This pouts all the versions in one place for easy viewing.

Try it out here and let us know what you think!

Concorso Italiano Aug 2011

MAcarbon is lucky to be located less than 2 hours from Monterey, CA where some of the best car events in the world are held every year over a span of 4 days.  We have had a booth at the Concorso Italiano for 7 years running and it is always a highlight of our year.  We get to show off our products and see our customers that we only know from talking on the phone and exchanging emails.

We arrived at the show on Thursday to set up our booth, then we drove up to the club house to have dinner with the Lamborghini Club of America.  In attendence at the dinner was The legendary Lamborghini test driver, Valentino Balboni and Anthony Ray A.K.A. “Sir Mix-a-Lot”.  A big thanks to Andrew Romanowski for having us at the dinner…It was a blast!

The next day, we went to the show where we were surrounded by Ferraris, Lamborghinis, and other exotic cars.  We counted about 20-25 cars on the green with MAcarbon parts installed, including a Ferrari F50 GT1 (1 of 3).  We made two sets of diffuser fins for this car and it was one of the highlights of the show.


Here are some pictures from the show…Enjoy!

MAcarbon Visits the Big Apple (Exotics Expose, 9/12/2010)

MAcarbon will be sponsoring the upcoming Exotics Expose-Supercar & Exotics Car Show on September 12th at Old Westbury Gardens in Wesbury, New York.
We will have a both set up and several cars in show will have MAcarbon parts. Detailing Dynamics is putting on this show with Exotics Rally and Detailing Dynamics will have a Ferrari 360 and Porsche 997 GT3 with complete MAcarbon interiors featured.
We look forward to seeing all of our present and future customers and enjoying what is guaranteed to be an incredible show.

Online Steering Wheel Configurator Goes Live!

Our steering wheels have been very popular with MAcarbon’s customers. Each wheel is made to the customer’s specification with a myriad of options for them to pick from. Photos of previous wheels helped customers get some ideas but most had to simply imagine what the wheel would look like. This flexibility has also lead to a lot of confusion on how much a wheel would actually cost. So after almost six months of development, MAcarbon has launched our online wheel configurator. Now a customer can play around with all of the options available for a wheel, see right in the window what the wheel willlook like and have the system automatically calculate the price. The customer can then email the configuration to themselves when done.

We have launched the application with two of our most popular wheels. The first wheel is the Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale. THe 360CS interior is almost all carbon already and a CF wheel makes a big impact. The second whell is the Porsche 997 Gen 1 Sport wheel which Porsche does not offer in carbon. We will be adding more wheels over the coming days.

Even with the configurator, properly spec’ing out a wheel involves a lot of decisions. The customer can chat directly with MAcarbon as they use the tool as well as call us.

Try the Configurator your self with this link: MAcarbon Wheel Configurator

MAcarbon Wheel Configurator

Screen shot of the MAcarbon Wheel Configurator