Porshe 991 new product line

Techart Porsche 991 at Sharkwerks gets some MAcarbon goodies

The 991 is Porsche’s latest version of the iconic 911. Take a look at the 991, you will find Porsche’s basic principle in design and development refined once again. With this Porsche they have taken the interior up to a new level. While Porsche focuses on the driver’s experience like no other, this time they also focus on the driver’s environment.

  We recently did our first local 991 interior installation and we would like to share the pictures with you. What you see here is a 2013 991 Carrera ‘S’ with a Techart conversion, the first one in the United States.  This customer really likes to be first as back in 2005 he was our first 997 customer. Northern California’s premier Porsche shop, Sharkwerks performed the body and suspension modifications. Techart provided the new nose, body kit and type II rear wing. Giving the car it’s aggressive stance is a set of Techart’s forged type III wheels wrapped in Pirelli Pzeros. A really striking combination!

Once behind the wheel, after slipping past our custom door sills, you will notice a full-compliment of our carbon fiber accessories. Two of the most prominent pieces are the chronometer ‘mushroom’ and the dashboard strip. Sandwiched between the shift knob and the console you will see the PDK shift surround. All three pieces are adorned with a weave pattern that matches any existing oem carbon fiber.  

If you can catch this car standing still, have a look inside!





MAcarbon Spys The Porsche 918 Spyder Prototype…On a U-Haul trailer!

Lane’s daily commute home is a 60 mile drive from the MAcarbon headquarters in Belmont, CA to the beach town of Santa Cruz, CA. This beautiful drive consists of about 40 miles on the scenic HWY 1 where Automotive journalists can often be seen testing everything from the new Viper to the new Jaguar F-Type.
The other day, as he pulled into Santa Cruz he spotted this Porsche 918 Spyder being pushed onto a U-Haul trailer and then they quickly covered the car and took off following a Porsche Cayenne.
Enjoy the Pic!


New Wheel Configurator Version Live!

MAcarbon’s Wheel Configurator enables you to create the perfect custom steering wheel for your exotic or luxury car. Our latest version of the Configurator is now live! We’ve taken our old configuration and streamlined it, adding some new features based on feedback we’ve received from customers.

  • A “Start Order Process” button has been added. This makes it easier for the customer to initiate the order. Before, the customer was left wondering what to do once they had finalized their design. Now, the order process can be initialized right from the Configurator.
  • We’ve added the ability to display photos of each wheel option. This gives you the ability to preview live photos of many stitching, ring, and material patterns. The rightmost column has icons that activate if there are available pictures.
  • We’ve consolidated all our help options into one location at the top right of the screen. This section includes separate buttons for Chat, General Help, and the Wheel Program FAQ.
  • The FAQ answers common questions (duh!) about the wheel program directly form the Configurator. These include things such as
  • Will a Ferrari 360 wheel fit my 355?
  • Will a later model Lamborghini Gallardo wheel fit my earlier model Lamborghini?
  • What is a hub?
  • etc.
  • Thread and ring galleries showing examples of many options have been linked into the Configurator. This pouts all the versions in one place for easy viewing.

Try it out here and let us know what you think!

OZ Alleggerita HLT Wheels on MAcarbon Shop Car

We just installed these OZ Alleggerita HLT wheels on our Porsche 996 targa shop car (Thanks to Tire Rack for the fast delivery). We are really happy with the look and the weight savings over the stock BBS Sport Design wheels.

The stock wheels weighed about 25 lbs for the front wheels and 29lbs for the rear. The OZ are about 18 lbs for the front wheels and 19.5 for the rears.

Now we just have to lower the car a little to finish off the look!

(2002 Porsche 996 targa with OZ Alleggerita HLT wheels installed)(Close-up of OZ Alleggerita HLT rear wheel with Porsche Center cap)(Tags attached to each wheel with wheel weights…Very Cool!!!)(Stock BBS Porsche wheels)

MAcarbon Visits the Big Apple (Exotics Expose, 9/12/2010)

MAcarbon will be sponsoring the upcoming Exotics Expose-Supercar & Exotics Car Show on September 12th at Old Westbury Gardens in Wesbury, New York.
We will have a both set up and several cars in show will have MAcarbon parts. Detailing Dynamics is putting on this show with Exotics Rally and Detailing Dynamics will have a Ferrari 360 and Porsche 997 GT3 with complete MAcarbon interiors featured.
We look forward to seeing all of our present and future customers and enjoying what is guaranteed to be an incredible show.

Online Steering Wheel Configurator Goes Live!

Our steering wheels have been very popular with MAcarbon’s customers. Each wheel is made to the customer’s specification with a myriad of options for them to pick from. Photos of previous wheels helped customers get some ideas but most had to simply imagine what the wheel would look like. This flexibility has also lead to a lot of confusion on how much a wheel would actually cost. So after almost six months of development, MAcarbon has launched our online wheel configurator. Now a customer can play around with all of the options available for a wheel, see right in the window what the wheel willlook like and have the system automatically calculate the price. The customer can then email the configuration to themselves when done.

We have launched the application with two of our most popular wheels. The first wheel is the Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale. THe 360CS interior is almost all carbon already and a CF wheel makes a big impact. The second whell is the Porsche 997 Gen 1 Sport wheel which Porsche does not offer in carbon. We will be adding more wheels over the coming days.

Even with the configurator, properly spec’ing out a wheel involves a lot of decisions. The customer can chat directly with MAcarbon as they use the tool as well as call us.

Try the Configurator your self with this link: MAcarbon Wheel Configurator

MAcarbon Wheel Configurator

Screen shot of the MAcarbon Wheel Configurator

New carbon wheels for the 2009+ Porsche 997

MAcarbon has done quite a few CF Sport steering wheels for the 997. For 2009, Porsche introduces a new wheel design on the Tip/PDK cars but kept the old style sport wheel. For 2010, the new wheel style was applied to the Sport wheel as well and this new wheel is now standard on the new GT3. MAcarbon is bringing our skills with carbon fiber and bespoke production to this new wheel design! The customer can choose various materials for the wheel rim including carbon fiber, alcantara and suede. Other options include rim thickness (for those who want something more beefy), a 12 o’clock rally stripe, stitching patterns and stitching colors. Each wheel is made to the customer’s design in around 3 weeks.

ItzKirb’s Cayenne Gets some CF

The famous (on the internet) photographer ItzKirb (www.itzkirbphotography.com) brought his new Cayenne Turbo over to MAcarbon to get the boring wood interior replaced with carbon. (Unfortunatly, he didn’t bring any of his ItzGirls!) We did the doors, dash strip and center console. Kirby decided to do the grab handles as well. The overall feel of the interior changed dramatically to the aggresive style more apporpriate to a Turbo. More photos to follow.
For any Cayenne owners think of moving to carbon, the car is real easy to work on. MAcarbon’s John Borchelt was able to do the complete install in about an hour and a half. We will have more install guides covering the parts we installed available soon.

Cayenne Dash Trim

Center Console

MAcarbonified 997 Turbo!

MAcarbon recently spiced up the interior of a beautiful GT Silver 997 Turbo. The car was already heavily modified by the guys at Sharkwerks and it has all the best goodies that are available on the market. To take the interior to another level, we added a ton of carbon parts to the car! We made the interior really pop by adding a carbon fiber center console, door trim pieces, dash trim, and air vents among other things. Now, the car can finally be complete…this is one of the hottest Turbos out there! Enjoy the pictures!

MAcarbon in January European Car

European Car January 2010
MAcarbon helped European Car with their 997 Turbo project car back in 2008. In the Janaury 2010 issue, EU summarizes all of the mods done to the car by Imagine Auto, our dealer in Kansas. EU gives us a nice little blurb along with a cool shot of our center console. What a monster that Turbo turned out to be!