Online Steering Wheel Configurator Goes Live!

Our steering wheels have been very popular with MAcarbon’s customers. Each wheel is made to the customer’s specification with a myriad of options for them to pick from. Photos of previous wheels helped customers get some ideas but most had to simply imagine what the wheel would look like. This flexibility has also lead to a lot of confusion on how much a wheel would actually cost. So after almost six months of development, MAcarbon has launched our online wheel configurator. Now a customer can play around with all of the options available for a wheel, see right in the window what the wheel willlook like and have the system automatically calculate the price. The customer can then email the configuration to themselves when done.

We have launched the application with two of our most popular wheels. The first wheel is the Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale. THe 360CS interior is almost all carbon already and a CF wheel makes a big impact. The second whell is the Porsche 997 Gen 1 Sport wheel which Porsche does not offer in carbon. We will be adding more wheels over the coming days.

Even with the configurator, properly spec’ing out a wheel involves a lot of decisions. The customer can chat directly with MAcarbon as they use the tool as well as call us.

Try the Configurator your self with this link: MAcarbon Wheel Configurator

MAcarbon Wheel Configurator

Screen shot of the MAcarbon Wheel Configurator

MAcarbon Murcielago Sport Suede Wheel

The OEM wheel that comes on the Lamborghini Murcielago leaves a lot to be desired. The thin diameter and the cheap looking leather definitely do not belong on a $250k supercar! We recently did this wheel for a customer looking to upgrade his wheel and freshen up the look of the interior. Not only does this wheel feature custom yellow stitching and a carbon bottom, but we also covered the grips with suede to increase the diameter of the wheel by 5 mm! The wheel looks much beefier now and it finally complements the aggressive look of this yellow beast!