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Laminating Carbon Fiber, Car Parts

Carbon Fiber Car Parts

All quality MAcarbon custom carbon fiber parts are made in our facilities here and in Europe and are available for worldwide shipping. We use the technique best suited to the application and piece-either carbon lamination or molded carbon.

To get a better idea of how things are done in our lamination process, see About Us > Carbon Lamination for a step-by-step demo of this technique is used to apply carbon fiber to the interior trim found in many of today's cars.

There are a lot of steps that go into lamination. Surface preparation, masking, carbon and resin application, trimming, sanding, polishing, lacquering, more sanding, more polishing and component reassembly and inspection-Each step of applying carbon fiber to car parts is performed to exact standards by experienced artisans, and our results are appreciated by our customers around the globe. You can see for yourself just how pleased our customers are with the work we do: see some of our Testimonials.

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Molded Carbon Fiber Interior Parts

Carbon Fiber Interior Parts

MAcarbon is also well known by car enthusiasts for our molded carbon fiber car parts. Many parts we are able to make can't be found anywhere else.

Our molded carbon parts are often unique to MAcarbon. We create light but strong parts using a pressure molding method that optimizes results for our carbon fiber interior parts. Atmospheric pressure created through pressure molding eliminates excess resin in the part while ensuring light, uniform results.

Carbon Fiber Interior Trim

We invite you to see examples of carbon fiber interior parts created by MAcarbon, including the custom Ferrari 360 and 360CS carbon fiber steering wheels and Porsche 997 carbon chrono housing (The Mushroom), sport steering wheel and carbon fiber mirror triangle. We're highly flexible and can match, for example, Porsche OEM carbon patterns or tailor to virtually any specs of any make/model. Though we do handle some exterior items per customer request, such as outside mirror sets and door handles, we focus mainly on carbon fiber interior trim. See Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche and other models listed here, browse the galleries of completed work, and place your order. If you have questions, contact us. We'll be more than happy to discuss options with you.