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12C/650/675/570 Integrated Extended Shift Paddles
Most McLarens have tiny shift paddles! Our extended, integrated carbon paddles will give you a much larger area on which to push and pull and are a great alternative for the MSO Paddles that McLaren offers. We take the stock paddle arm, remove the end paddles and bond a new carbon paddle to it. The graft extends the carbon the length of the arm so that you only see carbon. No silver shows when its installed. Since McLaren doesn't sell the paddles individually, you can send in your paddles instead of putting down a core deposit.
Price: $1,800.00Tax amount:
Status:  Made to Order - Contact MAcarbon
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12C/650/675/570 Extended Shift Paddles - 'Nicoles'
McLarens have such tiny shift paddles! Our enhanced carbon paddles will give you a much larger area on which to push and pull. McLaren does offer paddles through MSO. However you have to buy a $7K wheel to get them. Our are much less and you can install them yourself in minutes. Our paddles fit all Mclarens from the 12C through the 720. You can get them in either gloss or matte finish to match your interior. Some other companies have ripped off our design so be sure to get genuine MAcarbon paddles. *NOTE: If you have a 720, please select the shift paddles in the 720 section as the carbon weave pattern is different in the 720.
Price: $675.00Tax amount:
Status:  In Stock!
12C/650/675/570 Steering Wheel Center
The McLaren MP4-12C steering wheel is a little plain. Upgrade to our carbon fiber wheel center to show off your carbon! McLaren only sells the steering wheel complete hence the hefty core deposit. Or simply send us your wheel center instead!
Price: $1,100.00Tax amount:
Status:  In Stock!
Core Deposit
McLaren 12C/650/675/670 Steering Wheel - Matte Carbon and Orange
This McLaren wheel comes with a matte carbon center, a suede top and bottom, orange stitching, perforated leather grips, and a 10mm matte carbon orange ring. Customize your wheel today!
Price: $2,500.00Tax amount:
Status:  Made to Order
Core Deposit