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MAcarbon does not do things halfway!  When we developed a taste for the R107, we dived in with both feet. In the last few years, we\'ve had a string of shop cars that both allow us to develop our parts product line as well as aprpeciate all of the different flavors of 107. Who knows what tomorrow (and Craigslist) will bring? 

'72 350SL USA SN 0047

What caught our attention on this SL was its serial number #047. Its the earliest type 044 that we've ever seen.There certainly were plenty of 043 350SLs made before it was. But it could be the earliest 044 stil in existence? Does that mean anything really? Who knows! We watched this SL on Craigslist for around six months as the price drifted downwards until it was irresistible. Why didn't it sell for six months? Well, the hideous wheels for one. The hideous wing for two. And a seller who didn't respond to emails for three. Despite being an Arizona car, there has been plenty of rust repair. And we found out it was originally white. Oh well! What to do with it? Well, we did throw some normal Bundts on it. And also tried every other wheel we could find. But other than that, we have no idea!
'72 350SL USA SN 1467

This SL was bought from the son of the second owner. It had an AMG kit with chrome Centra wheels on it. We swapped the wheels out for a set of factory 15" Bundts and removed the AMG kit. its in great condition with no rust and a strong engine. We named this one 'The Keeper'.
'72 450SL USA044 SN 4954

This was the first SL we bought. It came from North Carolina and looked much better in the photos! It had only 42K miles but didn't drive that way. The driver floor had some rust and the paint was tired. But the interior was in nice shape and the rest of the body was solid. The definition of a 10 footer. Sold to Germany.
'73 450SL R107044 SN9698

This '73 was the second SL we bought and was one of the best driving SLs we've had. We redid the steering box knuckle and quite a few of the front suspension bushes. We also replaced the shocks. But we never got around to replacing the missing firewall grommets that meant you were roasted by engine heat and fumes while driving! Sold to Germany.
'72 350SL 4-speed French Market SN3151

This 350 is a rare SL! Its a 350 Euro with the 4-speed manual transmission. What makes it even more unusual is its a French market car. So it has twin flag mirrors mounted on the doors instead of the 'normal' window mounted mirrors. It still has its original instrument cluster in KM but lost its Euro headlights at some point. With no history file, we know nothing about its past. Its going to need a full restoration. Will it get it? We don't know! But the combo of the transmission and mirrors certainly will make it a talking point at any gathering of SL people!
'73 450SL USA SN 9028

We picked up this '73 USA car recently. Its got 295K miles and surface rust in a few areas. Though the floor pans are fine! Not sure what anyone will do with it. We bought it because it had euro headlights and some other parts we could use for the rest of the fleet. Sold locally in the SF Bay Area
'76 280SL Euro SN 1331

This early 280SL was on its way to being a parts car when we bought it. The paint was faded, the interior worn, the floor rusty. Istead of flipping it (which would have been smart) we did a cosmetic restoration on it that included a new interior, a bit of paint work and a new driver side floor. We transferred the soft top from the 450 with the blown engine. Although a bit slow, this car was probably our favorite. Sold to Florida.
'78 350SL SN13432

We picked up this 2-owner 350SL from Oregon. We've not seen any SLs in person in the same Brilliant Red Metallic. We've color snaded and polished the paint and redone the interior. A plug and wire change fixed a slight misfire. We'll see what the future holds for her.
'78 450SL

This '78 SL was pretty much given to us. The previous owner blew the engine by forgetting to put oil in it. Otherwise the car was in perfect shape with a really nice interior. It did have the large USA bumpers and we used it to develop instructions for our Euro bumper kit. Sold locally to someone who may have exported it.
'78 450SL Euro SN 47320

This 450 was a genuine Euro version imported in the early 80s. With more power than any US car except the 560, it was fast - at least by R107 standards. Sold to Germany.
'81 500SL Euro SN561

This 500SL was the 561st built. Originally gold, someone had tried to do a AMG style paint job at some point in the distant past. It also had this interesting pumpkin colored interior. With 196K miles, it drove pretty well. Sold to Germany.
'83 500SL SN 2684

This 500 was bought in Los Angeles from the grandson of the original owner. It was a bit rougher on delivery than expected. One of the front suspension bushings had no bushing and was in fact metal on metal. However, there is no rust and the engine runs well after a repairing an intake manifold leak. We replaced the grafted on USA bumpers with our euro bumper kit. Now it just needs paint and an interior...
'86 500SL Euro SN 23614

We had seen this SL for a long time parked near the FedEx where we dropped off packages. One day we put a business card on the windshield. A few months later the owner called needing to sell. It was pretty rough cosmetically but had no rust and only needed new front brake pads to be driven. We kept it for a few weeks and sold it to a broker who sold it to a dealer in the Netherlands.
'86 500SL SN 37316

This '86 500 was a diamond in the rough.... it had a bad AMG kit, ML style chrome wheels and blacked out headlights. Yes, the inside of the euro headlights were painted black. We've removed all that stuff and put a set of refinished manhole wheels on. We're also using it to develop our 16" Bundt wheels!