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720 Extended Shift Paddles - 'Nicoles'
McLarens have such tiny shift paddles! Our enhanced carbon paddles will give you a much larger area on which to push and pull. McLaren does offer paddles through MSO. However you have to buy a $7K wheel to get them. Our are much less and you can install them yourself in minutes. Our paddles fit all Mclarens from the 12C through the 720. You can get them in either gloss or matte finish to match your interior. Some other companies have ripped off our design (and our photos!) so be sure to get genuine MAcarbon paddles!
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12C to 720 Paddle Upgrade
You've enjoyed your 12C/650/675 for the last few years but now you are taking delivery of your new 720! Its so sad that McLaren still has tiny paddles on the 720. Your MAcarbon paddles on the 12C are so great! Well, MAcarbon can help you move them to the new car. Send the old set into us and we'll matte them out to match the 720's interior. We also replace the tape so they will look and function as brand new paddles. The reconditioning process involves removing the old tape, sanding the paddle, spraying it with matte clear coat, then putting on new tape. If you'd prefer to keep them gloss, we can do that as well. The $150 fee covers 3-day shipping to MAcarbon and return ground shipping. If you want to stay gloss, then the fee will be $50 to over the shipping. Any shipping added by the website will not be charged.
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