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12C/650/675/570 Mirror Shells PN: MAML.12C.701 Does your 12C have the standard painted mirror shells? You need to move to the carbon version. Those pods are sitting out there on those long stalks just calling out for CF!
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12C/650/675 Mirror Arms PN: MAML.12C.703 The MP4-12C has those inexpensive looking plastic mirror arms. MAcarbon's mirror arms compliments the our carbon mirror shells and even the factory mirror shells. These make your 12C look like it should have when it arrived from the factory.
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12C Front Grill Bars PN: MAML.12C.700 The MP4-12C has those inexpensive, ok cheap, looking plastic grill bars. MAcarbon's beautiful grill compliments the factory front CF lip and makes your 12C look like it should have when it arrived from the factory. Installation is easy and can be done without going to the dealer. We include only the grill bars. The front lip in the photos is stock McLaren.
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Status: Made to Order - Contact MAcarbon
MAcarbon Interior Install Tools PN: MAI.01 Our MAcarbon Interior Install Tool set is the key to an easy install experience! The pry tools are a semi-soft plastic specifically designed for installing your new trim pieces.The Basic kit contains 4 tools. The Deluxe adds a 5th tool and a pouch.
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MAcarbon Carbon Cleaning Kit PN: MAI.02 We are often asked what is the best way to care for our carbon fiber pieces. Most cleaners have harsh chemicals that can ruin the clear coat on CF trim. Our answer is Liquid Gloss by Detailing Dynamics. Specially formulated with DyNA Brilliance the Liquid Gloss will clean and protect your interior investment. Along with the 4 oz. bottle of Liquid Gloss, you get a premium micro fiber cloth. Plus you don't have to worry about the funky smells you get from other interior cleaners - ours smells great!
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