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Mercedes R107 SL Euro Bumper Conversion Kit
Is your R107 SL still weighed down (both literally and figuratively!) by the massive US market bumpers? Convert your SL to Euro bumpers and return it to the design that Mercedes intended! The kit has all of the parts needed to do the transformation of both the front and rear bumpers. The 24 pieces include brackets, bright work, bumper structure and rubber trim. This is a MUST do for any SL! Other vendors do offer euro bumper kits. However, MAcarbon makes a series of modifications to the kit so that the installation on a US car goes much easier and faster. We also include OEM Mercedes rear valance panels. The non-OEM panels included in most euro bumper kits are a source of major problems. These factory panels and our modifications save you significant time and effort vs other vendors. We also provide to customers detailed instructions for installation. We also offer some optional extras to really finish off the project.
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Front Lens Refresh
Foglight Brackets for Euro Bumpers
When Euro bumpers are placed on 380 and 560 US market R107 SLs, the foglights will point outwards rather than straight ahead. Euros and the earlier 72-80 450SLs, had extra brackets to give the lights the proper alignment. But during the 380’s production run, Mercedes changed the bumper design and eliminated the brackets. Mercedes charges $25 each and has none in stock worldwide. We've reproduced them in order to solve the problem. We include them in our bumper kit but no one else ever has. So if you've upgraded to Euro bumpers at some point in the past, check to see if you need to have your fogs straightened! We also include four new stainless steel screws.
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Mercedes Fog Light Lens (Pair)
If your foglight lenses haven't cracked by now, they are probably literately sandblasted white! Replace them with brand new lenses to refresh your front end. Installation is easy and you can do yourself. The kit includes the a MAcarbon tool to assist with install and a microfiber cloth for cleaning the chrome surround. Sold as a pair. Uro brand.
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Status:  In Stock!
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