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Here is what some of our customers have to say about MAcarbon.

Lil’Stan - 6speed member
"I think MAcarbon (no affiliation) makes the best CF parts I've ever seen and the customer service is great too. I've bought a lot of pieces from john and I have no complaints. Not to say that bumperplugs stuff isn't good, because I've never done any business with them but MA Carbon is the sh!t!"
John R - 6speed member
John R
"I've had a few pieces done by John and they are some of the best CF I've ever seen. I can't wait to buy more!"
Kilrgt - 6speed member
"I love MAcarbon, John is by far one of the best guys in the business to deal with. His product is by far better then OEM. I have CF everywhere; the OEM stuff is garbage...plain and simple. The only true fix is to call John or Lane at MAcarbon and replace it."
1badgt2 - 6speed member
"I have looked into several suppliers...and I will tell you that for the money, John Borchelt of MA Carbon has the BEST quality for the PRICE. I am rebuilding a GT2 that had a full carbon pkg from the factory. I ordered a matte finish defroster panel from John and was so impressed with the workmanship that I am redoing my entire interior in matte finish carbon from John."
aboxsters - 6speed member
"John and Lane are top-notch guys and the service is amazing!! I can’t wait to get the rest of the stuff put in... Thanks MAcarbon!! If anyone wants HIGH QUALITY carbon bits for their P-car, MAcarbon is the ONLY place to go!! John and Lane at MAcarbon. They not only have been great when it comes to the purchase of carbon "bling" for my "Sabrina", but they take great care in the installation of the parts.
jcb-memphis - 6speed member
"Porsche should just hire MAcarbon to do kits as needed for warranty work IMHO."
SirBells - 6speed member
"I just got several bits from MAcarbon. GREAT!!!! WORK!!!! Perfect Fit!!!! also perfect match to the factory bits."
TK6 - 6speed member
"MAcarbon, they are the best. I'm very happy with them, they are the best on the aftermarket for sure."
emilgh - 6speed member
"The MAcarbon pieces I had in my old 2004 Gallardo were spectacular! I'm convinced that the carbon fiber air vents were what "sold the car" when I put it up for sale!"
villains turbo - 6speed member
villains turbo
"Thanks to John @ MAcarbon. The dash looks sick!!!"
wross996TT - 6speed member
"John at MAcarbon is by far the best quality/price/customer service. I would be glad to let everyone know the quality of the CF is better than OEM!"
AIRjordan23 - 6speed member
"Ordered some parts before as well couldn't be happier with them + the service was excellent."
Pierre996TT - 6speed member
"For me MAcarbon means Excellent Product, Quality and Superb Service... like no other."
EVOMS38T - 6speed member
"MAcarbon is better quality then OEM Porsche!!! Hands down!"
sezme - Ferrarichat member
"I can't tell you how pleased I am with my new steering wheel (CS Style, carbon and red stitching). John does a fantastic job - and even put up with my hundreds-o-questions. They have fantastic products that are possibly superior to what can be provided by Ferrari... Customer service and communication were second to none."