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Ferrari FF

ferrari ff

The FF replaced the 612 in 2011. It was Ferrari\'s first four wheel drive car. With its hatchback design, it set many firsts for Ferrari. MAcarbon has done a few pieces for FF customers since its launch. If you have carbon needs for your FF, please contact us.

Ferrari Sticky Refinishing
Are the plastic parts in your Ferrari sticky and worn? Are you hesitant to touch the door handle or adjust the airvent? You don't have to live with it any longer. Those nasty parts can be replaced with carbon or you can have us refinish them. Often it will be a combination of both. If you choose refinishing, we bring our same detailed approach to refinishing as we do to carbon. All graphics are reproduced in exquisite detail. If they lit up before, they light up after refinishing. No stickers or rattle can paint with our refinishing services! Turnaround time is about 3 weeks. Please contact us to get a quote on your car.
Price: Contact Us for Price
Customized Ferrari LED Unit
Customize your Ferrari steering wheel's LED to our F1 Style LED. Change your display from the confusing and gimicky all-red version to an F1 inspired line up. The change of color helps you actually use the lights as intenteded! We offer "Red Red Red Blue Blue" or "Green Green Green Orange Red". If you need a new plastic lens, you will need to choose 'Forfeit Deposit' and we will include one.
Price: $250.00Tax amount:
Status:  In Stock!
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458/FF/F12 Extended F1 Paddles
Ferrari made the 458 paddles much larger than the ones on the 430. However many customers feel they are still too small! We've made our carbon versions just a little longer, by an inch and a half, to satisfy that want. That gets the extra length without making them comically large. And if you like the stock paddle shape this is close enough that it won't appear aftermarket.
Price: $1,050.00Tax amount:
Status:  Made to Order - Contact MAcarbon
458/F12/FF Wheel Center
If you don't have the LED steering wheel - and don't want to spend $7K to add one to your car, but you need carbon... MAcarbon offers the wheel center by itself. We include a new manettino sticker.
Price: $575.00Tax amount:
Status:  Out of Stock - Contact MAcarbon
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Ferrari 458/488/California-T/F12/FF Steering Wheel Pods
Replace those bulging plastic pieces on the side of your steering wheel with beautiful carbon.
Price: $550.00Tax amount:
Status:  Out of Stock - Contact MAcarbon
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